HP tiskárny a přehršel ovladačů

Jakýpak zvolit ovladač pro HP síťovou tiskárnu? S uvedením zdroje HP LaserJet, Color LaserJet, LaserJet AIO and LaserJet MFP Series Products – How to select the Correct Printer Driver vyjímám pro mne podstatnou část.

This document describes the process for choosing the best printer driver for your LaserJet printer and operating system. More than one driver can be used with a single printer, although most users need to select just one printer driver -- normally the PCL 6 driver for Windows and the Mac PS driver for Macintosh.

HP PCL 6 driver

  • Recommended for most users (if it is available), for printing in all-Windows environments including general office

  • Provides the overall best speed, print quality, and printer feature support for most users

  • May not be fully compatible with 3rd party and custom solutions based on PCL 5

HP PCL 5 driver (or PCL 5c or PCL 5e)

  • Recommended for general office Windows printing

  • Backward compatible with previous PCL versions or older LaserJet printers

  • Is the best choice for:

    • 3rd party or home-grown custom solutions (forms, fonts, SAP programs)

    • Mixed environments (UNIX, Linux, mainframe) which require the printer's page description language be set to PCL 5

HP postscript (PS) emulation driver

  • Recommended for printing with Adobe or other highly graphics-intensive applications

  • Use for PS level 3 needs and PS font support.

  • Slightly faster than PCL 6 when using Adobe applications.

  • Best print compatibility between Apple Macintosh and Windows applications.

The printer must have PS printing capabilities. This can be verified on the printer’s Configuration Page.

HP Universal Print Driver

  • Provide a single PCL 5, PCL 6, or PostScript driver solution for use with multiple printer models

  • Designed for corporate or IT-managed Windows environments

  • Preferred when printing in an enterprise or managed print server environment to multiple printer models in a static or mobile print environment

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