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PowerShell náhrada NETSH INTERFACE

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In future versions of Windows, Microsoft might remove the Netsh functionality for TCP/IP.

Microsoft recommends that you transition to Windows PowerShell if you currently use netsh to configure and manage TCP/IP.

Type Get-Command -Module NetTCPIP at the Windows PowerShell prompt to view a list of commands to manage TCP/IP.

Visit for additional information about PowerShell commands for TCP/IP.
netsh interface>teredo set state disabled

netsh interface>isatap set state disabled

netsh interface>6to4 set state disabled

netsh interface>exit

A jak tedy nově v PowerShellu?

Set-Net6to4Configuration –State disabled
Set-NetTeredoConfiguration –Type disabled
Set-NetIsatapConfiguration –State disabled

Ale tak jo, je to docela zapamatovatelné. Až na výjimku. Nedokážu pochopit, proč u dvou funkcí je použit parametr State a u jedné Type. To zase vypadá, jako kdyby to psal jiný programátor. Proč tohle ti lidé v Redmondu dělají?

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